Inter Grup Tekstil  was established in 1956 as a shirt manufacturer.  It is an experienced, dynamic, design focused company that follows all the creative stages of product development, as well as the production steps on behalf of our valued customers.   Our company mainly works on creating men & women’s trendy shirt lines, with innovative washes, treatments, and new cuts, and we appreciate customers who play with the garments in our line to create new looks.

Based on long years of experience in the industry, we have strong bonds and relationships with many fabric mills and accessory suppliers in Turkey, and abroad.  We have a wide range of visual sources and a large library of fabrics and materials, which are updated constantly. We love to explore new fabrics, prints, washes, styles and materials for every season.

for us, textile is an endless road, and every day we are experimenting with new techniques for more fashion looks and for more efficient production.  We search, learn and we utilize these techniques to see results from our constant developments, and present them to our clients with through our seasonal presentations.

We approach our relationship with our customers as a business partners. We believe our roads are open if we only have the same goal, which is success!  To achieve the desired result, efficiency, flexibility and speed while doing business are definitely required.

Our aim is to produce the best quality garment, at the best possible price  and within the best time frame …

Inter Grup Tekstil ,continuously searches for challenging projects globally, and would like to have long term relations with its customers.

With all of this textile knowledge and experience, we have decided to invest in our own brand, “men in town”, which launched last year…

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